20 Years Material Company



Founded since 2001

At the beginning of creating, Ding He started to provide shielding materials for serving the electrical industry with the main purpose of quality,responsibility, and win-win.

Ding He Old Factory


It all began with our old factory

Our small family-run business opened its doors. Our very first cases were crafted when the cable industry was booming in our area. 

Cable Foil Sliting
Ding He Second Factory


Second factory was created

 We became one of the pioneers in the aluminum foil lamination industry. Focusing on the specific needs and providing an excellent standard of service for clients, it was well known and became the major supplier of the cable&wire manufacturer.


Our new marketing ideas was born

Inspired by the golden age of sales, we started thinking about new applications. That’s when aluminum flexible ducts started to replace old plastic flexible ducts. We became the first suppliers for ducts in China.

Aluminum Flexible Ducts
Duct Foil
Semi Ducts


We developed our market to the world

In order to develop and research more applications of materials deeply, Ding He have committed to a lot of time and personnel into marketing investigation and analysis. We have also established an international sales department to promote our products to the world.



Technology-based enterprises and certificates

Third Factory


Third factory and new production line

We moved to the third factory. Our materials have been widely used in more industries, like building, flexible packaging etc. New production line for container liner and aluminum bubble mailer could afford more choices, not just the material.  

New Machine


Update new machines

To meet more client’s further requirements,we are renewing our facilities, innovating our technologies,and enhancing our production scales to improve our competitiveness as well as our services.

At the early of 2020, technology department planed to update the laminate machine. Although the corona virus is serious in the world, it can’t stop our steps. Finally, under the coordination and efforts of various departments, the new machine was successfully assembled and debugged in the middle of 2020, and has been running steadily ever since.


20 years later, our identity continues to evolve

Flexibility, customization and innovation are the biggest advantages of our team. 20 years is just the beginning. And our new logo nods to our past, while looking forwards to our future.

Old Logo
New Logo

Our Test Machines

Our Sales Team

Team 裁剪
Aluminum Duct Foil

International sales is the most important point of our company, we have more than 3 excellent sales, and attended the AHR since 2016.

Our Production Line



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