How to Identify the Quality of Aluminum Polyester Film?


In the middle of 2018, a cable customer from Philippines purchased a mass of aluminum polyester film from supplier. 30 days later, he received the goods and immediately arranged to produce on the machine. After a period of production,the operator reported with manager that the material was easy to break in process, which led to extend working time, increase the scrap rate of the product, and waste lots of the material. Besides, the cable had many quality problems and finally complained by his customer.

It is obvious that this batch of materials were sub-quality ones, and resulted in huge losses for his customer. So what quality problems you might encounter? Or what the common quality problems for the aluminum PET film are?

1) The cutting side of the aluminum polyester film is uneven with high and low levels.

2) The surface of the aluminum polyester film has a grainy feeling or obvious folds.

3) The tensile strength and elongation of item are not so strong enough that easy to break.

4) The aluminum layer of the aluminum polyester film is easy to fall off and oxidized by moisture.

How do these quality problems cause? How does it have influence on you ? What is the inspection method used for avoiding sub-quality products?

1. How do the quality problems of aluminum polyester film cause?

(1) Raw material:

It is one of the important part to determine the quality of aluminum polyester film. The main raw materials are aluminum foil and PET.

PET is not qualified & bad tensile strength.

The aluminum foil is oxidized & pinhole exceeds the standard

These ones will decide the bonding strength, tensile strength and other issues.

(2) Adhesive:

The glue decides the bonding strength of composite film. The higher quality glue, the stronger composite strength. So it is one content you should focus on. In addition, for the composite material, the temperature and operating time in the oven is also particularly important.

(3) Workshop environment:

When the material is in laminating process, if there is so much dust and impurities around, resulting in granularity on the surface of product, and affecting the appearance and flatness.

(4) Workers’ operation:

The whole process of aluminum polyester film includes compounding, drying, slitting and packaging. Besides, the temperature, time, method and other factors will more or less affect the quality. so the production process of aluminum polyester film should be strictly controlled.

2.How does it have influence on you ?

The sub-quality product extends the working time, improves the scrap rate, and increases production cost. And the most important thing is, it will influence your quality & reputation & brand.

3. What is the inspection method used for avoiding sub-quality products

(1) Inspection by visual and hand:

Whether the aluminum foil section is neat,

Whether the surface is flat,

Whether there is a sense of grain and wrinkles,

Whether there will be aluminum powder off after rubbing the surface of items by hand.

(2) Machine testing:

Testing the tensile strength and elongation by tensile machine. To ensure if it is qualified.

Asking the manufacturer to provide a test report if there is no testing equipment in your side.

4.What certificate manufacturers have? Whether the quality of the aluminum polyester film is recognized?

For export-oriented manufacturers, it’s necessary to have the relevant import and export right. And different countries have different requirements for environment. You might demand the Reach & Rohs certificate and flame retardant before cooperation. You could request the supplier to provide the test report of every batch in cooperation.

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