How to Find a Reliable Aluminum Foil Film Supplier?

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Several years ago, a flexible duct manufacturer lodged a compensation claim against his supplier who produce aluminum foil PET film. Because there is serious quality problem that aluminum foil separated from PET film . So that this material was unavailable and wasteful, which lead to delay his production schedule and affect his sales plan.

How tragic case it is. I think you don’t would like to cooperate with this unreliable supplier. Then how shall we search for aluminum foil film factory? Believe you have your idea and experience about that.

In international trade, five searching ways for your review:

B2B: Alibaba, Amazon, EC21 etc.

Google: search by product name

Exhibition: concern for the industry information and the related fair.

Professional Forums and websites: publish the purchasing message .

Social network: LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

After listing these suppliers, how to identify who are reliable ones.

Many people thought the major factory is first choice, due to the large-scale, full-range product and complete testing means. Well, not exactly. In many countries, the reliable suppliers are always the middle and small-sized enterprises. To introduce their products for you, they insist on researching the better product, controlling the higher quality, providing more considerate service. The purpose is to be your good partner on the market.

So don’t mind the plant size, evaluate and conclude from the following aspects:

  1. Quality: usually, the foil film factory made some samples with regular size in stock in advance for you to test. So, you could request the samples you need with candidate suppliers. After receiving it, confirming the appearance (wrinkles, joints, scratches) by visual inspection. Then, doing physical testing, like tensile strength. Finally, comparing these samples from different factories.
  2. Price: while you are waiting for samples, requiring offer sheet from suppliers. Because foil film is made of aluminum foil and PET film. The offer sheet might be changed depending on aluminum ingots and crude oil. But don’t worry about the price different between the inquiry and the order. As you know, the offer is valid for about 10 days or more.
  3. Leading time: it relates to your production planning and decides whether your cargo is delivered to your customers on time.
  4. Certificate: a reflection of quality, and indicates that the foil film by this supplier is in conformity with the laws & regulations & import requirements in the your market.
  5. Service: flexible cooperation & specialized solution & responsible attitude are important added-value. If you find a supplier like this, don’t hesitate, it’s him.

Learned what is reliable supplier, do you know where they are?

Mainland China, Middle East, India, Turkey and other developing countries that labor costs are low relatively. Besides, Parts of factories locates in Europe and America. Establishing an aluminum foil factory is not easy thing. Before that, it’s necessary to have some prerequisite:

Obtaining production licenses following local laws and regulations,

Keeping modern workshop & warehouses & equipment,

Developing standard operating procedures,

Employing skilled operator,

Passing acceptance of fire protection and environmental protection.

Based on above conditions, the foil film factory is allowed to operate. As mentioned before, this item consists of aluminum foil and PET film by dry compound method. The same width of aluminum foil roll and PET film roll are placed into lamination device, composited by adhesive, and then be foil film. After that, it is moved in drying room. Seventy-two hours later, the roll is slitting into strips on cutting machine. If section is flat , surface is smooth without scratch, joint, wrinkle. No doubt it’s qualified product.

The quality of foil film has influence on the reputation of your product & brand. Next, we will analyze it from several aspects.

  1. Appearance:

First, alu foil couldn’t separate from PET film, that impacts the service life of flexible duct. Several influencing factors:

Laminating process,


Drying time, etc. 

The case mentioned before show you should pay attention on this issue, when you receive cargo.

Second, the section is flat and surface is smooth without scratch, joint, wrinkle. The duct forming and quality is good or not depend on these ones.

2.Physical property:

Surface tension(polyester side) reaches 38 dyne.

Flame spread: <25. It means the flame retardant grade. According to UL testing standards, it is divided in three classes as below. If the product reaches class A standard, means difficult to burn and safety.

 Flame Spread Index

Except for material quality itself, the certificate is one way to learn this supplier. If the item could be imported or not to local is essential for you. The supplier with Rohs, Reach, UL, CE or ISO9001 could be your considerable partner.

Above all, a foil film supplier with stable quality & reasonable price & flexible delivery time & comprehensive service is reliable one. It not only ensures the product supply, but also provides you the latest trends of the local market, even the international market.

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